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Dynamic oil change in the automatic gearbox Częstochowa Śląsk (Silesia) – only with GearMar Dynamics!

In our workshop, we offer both static and dynamic oil change in ZF automatic gearboxes. Thanks to our long-term cooperation with the gearbox manufacturer ZF, we are up to date with the latest procedures for servicing these gearboxes. As a partner of the ZF[pro]Tech concept, we attend training sessions, thanks to which we can guarantee the highest quality services. Each oil change in the ZF gearbox in our workshop is carried out by qualified, well-trained employees in that field, with the observance of all safe replacement procedures. New, OEM parts (oil, pans, filters, gaskets, etc) are used – directly from the manufacturer. A dynamic oil change in an automatic gearbox consists in connecting a special machine to the oil circulation in the gearbox while the engine is running. Thanks to this method, it is possible to change all the oil in the gearbox. While using the static method, in most cases it is possible to change about 50-60% of the oil by comparison. There are opinions that even only 30-40% of the oil is replaced with the static method. There are gearboxes where only one of these two methods is specifically recommended, the dynamic oil change is not possible in all of them. Feel free to contact us to find the right solution for the gearbox in your car.

Our customers most often come from (voivodeships and cities):

Lower Silesia:
Jelenia Góra, Legnica, Wałbrzych, Wrocław

Pabianice, Piotrków Trybunalski, Tomaszów Mazowiecki

Lesser Poland::
Kraków, Nowy Sącz, Oświęcim, Tarnów

Płock, Radom, Siedlce, Warszawa

Brzeg, Kędzierzyn Koźle, Nysa, Opole

Mielec, Przemyśl, Rzeszów, Stalowa Wola


Częstochowa, Gliwice, Katowice, Sosnowiec, Zabrze

Why should we change automatic gearbox oil?

Regular oil changes will ensure a longer lifespan of the gearbox; they can completely prevent the wear of its components, bearings, sprockets and others, or significantly postpone it. If we forget to change the oil, the gearbox will change gears much longer and we can damage the gearbox, which in turn can lead to “jerking” of the car. Gearboxes wear elements such as gear wheels or bearings cause oil contamination. Automatic gearboxes have wet, multi-plate clutches that oxidise and contaminate the oil. In demanding situations for the gearbox, the temperature between the plates can reach up to 400 degrees Celsius, which also contributes to oxidation, dirt and decrease in the lubricating productivity of the oil. The used oil does not fulfil a proper cooling function.

It is possible to change up to only 50% of the automatic gearbox oil while having static oil change performed.

The automatic gearbox oil should be changed between 60 000 and 80 000 kilometers on average.

Only a dynamic oil change will clean all conduits, ducts, the converter or control valves. It consists in connecting the machine to the gearbox oil circuit and flushing and replacing it while the engine is running. The procedure removes the old oil along with deposits from the gearbox and replaces it with new, fresh oil. There is no risk of running the gearbox oil-free. Using professional equipment, the change is completely safe. In addition to the use of professional equipment, OEM, dedicated oil gearbox and the oil change performed by qualified and well-trained mechanics in this field matter, too. Our device allows us to change the oil in the majority of automatic gearbox models available on the market.

It is worth noting that changing the oil will not fix the gearbox if it is damaged.

After the change, the machine prints a report on oil change and gearbox cleaning.

Our dynamic oil change device is Mahle ATX 180.

The oil change also includes the replacement of the filter or the oil pan, depending on the vehicle.

Before oil change, we perform gearbox diagnostics and a test drive to detect any damage to the gearbox. After the change, we perform a test drive, too.

The service time is 2-5 hours depending on the vehicle model and the scope of the service provided.

The gross price of PLN 500 applies to the oil change service itself, without liquids or filters.

The process of automatic gearbox dynamic oil change:

  1. Connecting the ducts to the gearbox oil system.
  2. Warming up the gearbox and oil system. After reaching the desired temperature, the machine automatically sucks out the part of the used oil.
  3. Disassembly of the oil pan, recovery of another part of the oil from the oil system.
  4. Replacement of the oil pan with an integrated filter or a filter and an oil pan gasket.
  5. Flushing and refilling the oil system.
  6. Fluid level check.
  7. Gearbox seal verification.
We are pleased to inform you that our specialist in changing oil in automatic gearboxes, Piotr Bugaj, has completed a course in the field of construction of automatic gearboxes and dynamic oil change in automatic gearboxes using the Mahle ATX 180 device.

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